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We are proud of our company and we welcome inquiries from the press. We have developed this section of our website in order to make it easy for the media to get the relevant facts they need.

Lillibridge offers hospitals and systems an integrated solution for all their healthcare real estate needs: Advisory, Capital, Development, Property Management. We manage the risk of ownership, financing, and execution. National footprint built on nearly three decades of local experience and strong relationships with physicians.  

  • Lillibridge is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ventas, Inc. (NYSE:VTR)  
  • 20+ million square feet
  • 400+ medical office buildings (MOBs)
  • 29 states

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Lillibridge logo - corporate identity guidelines

The Lillibridge icon is the symbol of our organization, and it is not to be used without either "Lillibridge" or our full name attached. Please adhere to correct usage of the logo. Please do not create your own logos using the main Lillibridge font. The letterspacing and type weight is fixed.

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The preferred logo reproduction size is 1.75" wide or larger. Logo should not be reproduced below 1.25" wide.

Official logo colors

The approved color for the Lillibridge logo is PMS 447 gray (uncoated). Whenever possible, the name, logo and tagline should be printed in the official PMS color or process breakdown. For black-and-white applications, the logo should be printed in 80% black rather than 100% black, except where legibility is a concern.

PMS 447 U
C: 0/ M: 0/ Y: 0/ K: 80

If you have any further questions, please contact -

Carla Lyons 

Carla Lyons
VP Marketing and Media Contact

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