Steve Owen



30 years healthcare facility delivery experience

Extensive teaming experience with top A/E firms and hospital systems

Worked with the "who's who" of healthcare systems and A/E firms


Steve is responsible for the financial performance of the business unit, the execution of work under contract, and the management of a great team of healthcare architects and construction professionals delivering development and repositioning services to internal and external clients. Steve is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and has been with Lillibridge since 2008. Steve and his team are based in Plano, Texas.

Steve Owen

Steve has built hospitals and outpatient building all over the US. His largest project was the Gonda building in Rochester, MN - a 1.7M sf addition to the Mayo building and the keystone of the Practice Integration Projects; 16 projects that realigned Mayo’s downtown practice. He has delivered hospital projects for Dartmouth Hitchcock in NH; Florida Hospital in Sebring, FL; and HCA in Sarasota, FL - as well as outpatient facilities in over 15 different states. Steve has worked for some of the biggest names in healthcare construction: Centex Rodgers (now Balfour Beatty), MA Mortenson, McDevitt & Street (now Lendlease) and Weitz.


Steve is interested in history, reading a lot about great leaders of the past, and he is an avid Gator fan. Steve raised 3 hockey players, so he and his wife of 33 years can still be found in a rink from time to time.